Weekly Roundup: BRR!

Yes, folks. It's still winter. Most of the country was fooled for awhile there, but Mother Nature came back with a vengeance to a large part of the country this week. Temps are back to chilly, single-digit lows this weekend here in Minnesota, a big storm is in the forecast for the Midwest, and we all know about the Snowpocalypse that hammered the Northeast. With that, here's the weekly round-up of what was happening with all things Farm, Ranch, and Pet on the Internet this week. It all begs the question: do we wallow in winter or peek ahead to Spring? Literally... every goat in the United States. Has the snowstorm trapped you inside with nothing to do but think about how goat populations are distributed across the U.S.? Us, too. Thankfully, the Washington Post mapped it out just for us. Because, well. Goats. The Bee Buzz is just beginning. The City of Minneapolis is bZZy thinking Spring. The Center for Performing Arts in the bustling Kingfield neighborhood in South Minneapolis launched a large community garden three seasons ago and is now making an investment with the sweetest reward. The community garden will boast rooftop hives to both aide in pollination of the garden and reap the rewards of a local honey harvest come late summer. It's true: cold is good in the life of a farmer. While milking the cows in negative temps or keeping your chickens safe in sub-zero can be a daunting task for even the most veteran of farmers, frigid temperatures are an important part of the cycle. As Grist writes in this article, the deep freeze is important to kill pests and diseases that are attempting to overwinter in your garden beds. So, bust out the mittens - it's permafrost time.
Goats on Ice. Coming to an arena near you.