Product Warranties

For Little Giant, Double-Tuf, API, Pet Lodge and Springer Magrath items - we offer a 1 year manufacturing warranty defective, you must have proof of purchase in order to begin the process. This Warranty does not apply to damage caused by misuse or neglect in the field, or failure to follow installation instructions.

For Hot Shot items only, we offer a 3 year manufacturing warranty. Please contact our customer service team at 800-260-0888 to begin the process.

Purchaser must deliver any part or parts to the address below for examination:

Miller Manufacturing Company
1450 West 13th Street
Glencoe, MN 55336

All Hot Shot, Springer Magrath, and Heated Hoses (API) must be sent back to Miller Manufacturing Company to begin the warranty claim process.

Due to the numerous factors relating to the hatching of eggs, Miller Manufacturing Company makes no warranty whatsoever in respect to the number of eggs that will be hatched using the Little Giant® brand incubators or egg turners. The warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for us and all other obligations or liabilities on our part. We neither assume nor authorize any other person to assume for us, any other liability in connection with the sale of Miller products or any part thereof which has been subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse, or misuse. We make no warranty whatsoever in respect to accessories or parts not supplied by us.


HOT-SHOT® & Springer Magrath® Prods

Hot-Shot® & Springer Magrath® prods maintains a complete repair service at the factory. If a Hot-Shot® or Springer Magrath® product fails due to a defect within the specified warranty period, the unit must be returned to the factory for examination. If the product is found to be defective and is within the warranty period, replacement or repairs will be made. The product will be returned postage paid.

This warranty does not include case breakage or any form of physical damage, or damage due to normal wear and tear or tampering with the handle or motor unit.

Hot-Shot® & Springer Magrath® also maintains a repair for fee service at the factory. If a product is returned to the factory for repair and is not within the warranty period customers will be contacted regarding estimated repair costs prior to chargeable repair service being performed.

Warranty Returns

In the event a product needs to be returned to Hot-Shot® or Springer Magrath® for a warranty claim, all stock prod repairs and returns require a RMA # (Return Material Authorization). Contact Customer Service at 800-260-0888 for the RMA number before returning to our facility. Some stock prods will be beyond repair. Depending on fault, a replacement pack may be issued at the discretion of Miller Manufacturing:

1. Enclose a note with the product that includes your full name, full address, and phone number. In addition, the provided RMA # and possible problem.

2. Enclose proof of purchase receipt

3. Send the product and above information to: Miller Mfg. Co., Attn: Repairs, 1450 West 13th Street, Glencoe, MN 55336 Or call 800-260-0888