New Product Idea Submission Policy

We receive many unsolicited ideas and suggestions from people outside our organization and have many of our own projects under development. We will evaluate ideas submitted to us based on the following factors:

  • Does it fit within our current product families?
  • Is there a market need for this?
  • Can we manufacture it? Can it be packaged and shipped in a way that works for us and our customers?
  • What is the cost of manufacturing the item?
  • What is the profit potential of the item?

We would like to accept all external product idea submissions, but we want to prevent misunderstandings and protect your interests as well as our own. In addition, proper review of submitted ideas utilizes our internal resources, which costs both time and money.

For these reasons it is our policy to accept only those ideas which meet the following criteria: 

  1. A Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed by the person submitting the idea. This form protects both you and our company and allows information to be freely shared, with the understanding that all information will be kept strictly confidential.

    Non-Disclosure Agreement form

  2. The idea is protected by a valid issued U.S. patent. That is, a patent has been granted to or applied for by the submitter of the idea. Written proof (a copy of the patent or patent application) must be submitted along with the idea.
  3. The idea must be submitted to us in writing. No verbal submissions via phone or voice mail will be accepted. 


We cannot guarantee the safe arrival of your prototype to us or the shipment of your prototype(s) back to you. If your idea is one for which we want to further examine a prototype, we will inform you in writing and ask you to send one at that time.

The ideal way to submit your ideas is via email, to A digital copy of your patent application, the signed Non-Disclosure Agreement and any digital photos of your idea can be attached to the email.

If you are unable to send your submission via email, you can mail it to: Miller Manufacturing ATTN: IDEA SUBMISSION 2910 Waters Road, Suite 150 Eagan, MN 55121

If you have an idea for an improvement to an already existing product it can also be submitted via email to or by mail to the address above. No ideas will be received verbally via a phone call or voice mail message.

All ideas must be submitted in writing.

All ideas that do not follow Miller Manufacturing guidelines as outlined above will not be reviewed.

Once we receive your idea submission it will be entered into our idea review process. Ideas are evaluated on a regular basis and rated by members of our Sales, Marketing and Product Development teams. Ideas are placed in priority order along with the rest of the Miller Manufacturing new product ideas. If your idea ranks high enough in the priority order, it may be inserted into our Product Launch process and we may enter into negotiations with you to explore the possibility of acquiring rights to your product or manufacturing it. No obligation as to compensation or other matters is assumed by Miller Manufacturing unless and until a formal written contract has been executed with the submitter of the idea.
If the idea is found to be of interest to Miller Manufacturing, the submitter of the idea will be notified.

Thank you for your interest in contacting Miller Manufacturing with your idea!