Just a Bucket? No, Not All Buckets Are the Same!

With a diverse product offering of colors, sizes, and uses, our Little Giant® Plastic Buckets are a favorite on farms, ranches, and worksites everywhere. What makes these buckets different?


“The biggest differentiator of Little Giant® buckets has got to be our outstanding quality,” Director of Engineer and Product Support, Mike Maher said. “It starts with our materials. We use High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which has exceptional impact resistance across a broad temperature range and is very resistant to chemicals. We also utilize heavy-duty gauge, galvanized metal bails which resist corrosion and stand up well to the rigorous farm and ranch environment.”


Practical and affordable, our buckets have made a big impact in the lives of both animals and people. Check out how our Little Giant® Better Buckets® changed the life of a rescue horse named, Tennessee Charger. “Little Giant® buckets are more than just a bucket. They have numerous features designed that make life easier for the consumer" Maher said.
  • Round plastic bucket
  • Polyethylene resin is impact resistant, protects against warpage, and helps prevent stress cracks
  • Heavy-duty wire bail
  • Holds 8 quarts (2 gallons)
  • Available in many other colors and sizes
  • Flat-Back plastic bucket with stacking ribs so pails come apart easier when stacked
  • Polyethylene resin is impact resistant, protects against warpage, and helps prevent stress cracks
  • Heavy-duty wire bail with notch for hanging
  • Available in many other colors and sizes
    • Patented, ergonomically designed feeding bucket for horses, cattle, and other livestock
    • Angular design better accommodates animal's facial structure
    • Tapered sides funnel feed toward the back of the bucket
    • Flat-Back for stability, mounts with bracket or snap hook (not included)
    • Available in many other colors and sizes


Before we launch a new bucket, it will go through a variety of tests to ensure its quality. “We drop it, expose it to numerous chemicals, do an accelerated life test by exposing it to high temperature/humidity, complete thermal shock testing, and impact test it" Maher said. "We also complete what we call a standard use test, that is we expose it to everything Minnesota has to offer. Sunny days in the upper 90’s to 20 below zero, rain, snow, and everything in between. There is always product sitting outside under test.” But it doesn’t stop there. Our Quality Assurance department continues the testing every 4 hours while they move the product into production.

Made in USA

With our commitment to keeping manufacturing right here in the United States, we are proud to be manufacturing our Little Giant® buckets right here in our Minnesota facilities to ensure quality all while supporting our country. Learn more about our diverse line of Little Giant® buckets here. Show us what you use your Little Giant® bucket for by tagging us on Twitter @MillerMfg or emailing us at