What to Feed Chickens in Winter

Chickens in Winter As the days get shorter, nights get colder, and the homestead settles in for the winter ahead, we all are concerned with keeping our outdoor animals safe and healthy. What should you feed your chickens in winter? Should you change your feeding schedule for your flock in the winter? The most important piece of winter coop maintenance is open, fresh water. Freezing poultry founts can cause serious issues for your hens. Hydration is the most important consideration for your chickens in winter, but the feeding schedule is less of a concern. Warm porridge and other steamy treats can be a great addition to their regular feed schedule in the winter months. It provides a nice, toasty snack while also providing a treat higher in water content to supplement their fresh water source. The supplemental calories can also help the birds stay warm as the bitter chill arrives. Tilly's Nest gives us an easy-to-mix-up recipe for your wintertime chickens:

Base Ingredients: 1 cup of oats 1 3/4 cups of water

Topping Ideas: raisins scratch meal worms assorted berries sunflower seeds dried and fresh herbs wheat grass

To Prep: Mix and heat! Be sure to check the temperature before serving.

Check out other great tips and recipes over at! Best part? Cooking up a snack for your chickens is a good boredom buster not just for the chickens, but for you, too!