Do You Bee-lieve in Love?

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and for most of us that means preparing some sweet treats and romantic gestures to show the ones we love how much they mean to us. But besides couples and love, did you know that St. Valentine is also the Patron Saint of beekeepers? As history explains, St. Valentine was tasked with ensuring the sweetness of honey and the protection of beekeepers.

Whatever you bee-lieve in, February is a good marker of when you should start preparing for your beekeeping season. And what better Valentine's gift to give your honeybee than what they need for the upcoming season?


Whether they are a first-time beekeeper or an experienced backyard bee enthusiast, we have it covered with a variety of hives to choose from.

The Little Giant® Beginner Hive Kit has all the basics to get them started and also comes with a smoker, smoker fuel, bee brush, hive tool, and frame feeder!

Taking it a step further, the Little Giant® Deluxe Beginner Hive Kit comes with all of the basics PLUS a protective veil, gloves, and our Beekeeping for Dummies book. All our Hives come pre-assembled for easy set up and use. They will be set to start a new hobby with sweet rewards!

If they already have their beekeeping basics and tools, treat them to a new hive that you can paint together! To see more of our Little Giant® Hives, click here.


What better way to show you care than giving some protective beekeeping apparel?

The Little Giant® Beekeeping Suit and Little Giant® Beekeeping Jacket both provide the protection they need when caring for their bees. They feature elastic closures that will keep out bees! The jacket comes with a self-supporting doomed veil that is easily removed or can hang behind like a hood while the suit is water-resistant and disposable.

Beekeeping gloves and veils are also an essential part of beekeeping and keep your loved one protected while inspecting and working with their hives.


There are many tools that beekeepers can benefit from using when it comes to beekeeping.

Whether you choose a Beehive Log so they can document their daily beekeeping observations, an Uncapping Fork to allow access their honey, or a Smoker that will help calm their bees, the thought behind your gift will truly bee seen this Valentine's Day! After all, what's sweeter than honey?

Check out our beekeeping guide for more information on this hobby with sweet rewards!