Weather-Tuff Water Bottle

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Weather-Tuff Water Bottle


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Weather-resistant, ultraviolet-resistant polyethylene plastic makes this bottle ideal for outdoor use, but it works equally well indoors. Stainless-steel ballpoint tube keeps your pet's water clean and housing dry. Extra-wide mouth accommodates ice cubes for keeping pet's water cool in hot weather. Includes metal hanger for attaching to wire hutch, fence, or aquarium. Perfect for guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small animals and reptiles.

8 Ounce - 3 inch long by 2.25 inch wide by 6.75 inch high, holds 8 ounces (1/2 pint).
16 Ounce - 3.5 inch long by 2.75 inch wide by 7.5 inch high, holds 16 ounces (1 pint).
32 Ounce - 3.875 inch long by 3.25 inch wide by 9.75 inch high, holds 32 ounces (1 quart).


  • Weather-resistant ultraviolet-resistant polyethylene plastic
  • Ideal for outdoor use works equally well indoors
  • Stainless-steel ballpoint tube
  • Extra-wide mouth accommodates ice cubes
  • Holds 8 ounces (1/2 pint)