Poly Oval Stock Tank

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Poly Oval Stock Tank


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Little Giant Poly Stock Tanks are built tough for superior performance and long-lasting durability. Stock tanks have many versatile uses around the farm. They can double as hay tubs, storage bins, and chick brooders, as well as water tanks, to name a few. This tank has a sturdy, molded-in rim for easy handling. Oval shape eliminates corner stress. Drain plug has a standard 3/4 inch fitting for attaching to a garden hose. Available in several sizes.

15 Gallon - Measures 29.75 inch long by 23 inch wide by 8 inch high, holds 15 gallons.
40 Gallon - Measures 40.25 inch long by 28.75 inch wide by 13.25 inch high, holds 40 gallons.
75 Gallon - Measures 48.375 inch long by 33 inch wide by 18.25 inch high, holds 75 gallons.
100 Gallon - Measures 52.5 inch long by 37 inch wide by 21 inch high, holds 100 gallons.
150 Gallon - Measures 62.75 inch long by 41.5 inch wide by 21.75 inch high, holds 150 gallons.


  • Poly Stock Tank for watering livestock
  • Sturdy molded-in rim for easy handling
  • Oval shape eliminates corner stress
  • Drain plug included with standard 3/4 inch fitting for attaching to a garden hose
  • Holds 75 gallons