Beekeeping Smoker Tool Kit

Little Giant | Miller Manufacturing

Beekeeping Smoker Tool Kit

$33.99 USD

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This beekeeping smoker tool kit has the essentials to calm your bees and do your hive maintenance easily!

Included in kit:
- Beehive Smoker
- Beehive Smoker Fuel
- Hive Tool

  • STAINLESS STEEL - This bee smoker is made of quality stainless steel ensuring it will last long into your bee keeping career.
  • HIVE TOOL - The Little Giant Hive Tool is a versatile multi-tasker complete with a scrLittle Giantng edge, nail-pulling hole, and an angled end that is designed specifically to fit on a hive frame and help pry it loose.
  • PROTECTIVE SHIELD - This smoker tool features a wire grid shield around the base for protection against the heat of the smoker, allowing you to safely smoke your beehive. It's great for use by all: beginners, backyard beekeepers, and experts.
  • CLEAN FUEL - This bee smoker fuel is made of quality untreated burlap, it will last long into your bee keeping tasks.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - This beekeeper's pick and smoker is made with durable and sturdy materials that will stand the test of time.