Beekeeping Feeder Kit

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Beekeeping Feeder Kit

$35.99 USD

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This Little Giant Beekeeping Feeder Kit makes it easy to feed your bees!

Included in kit:
- 2 Gallon Bucket Feeder
- Entrance Feeder
- Bee Pro Pollen Substitute

  • FEED YOUR BEES - Use this syrup bee feeder bucket to keep your honey bees fed when outside nectar sources are scarce. This is a great option whether you are a beginner backyard beekeeper or an expert bee farmer.
  • HIVE COMPATIBLE - The plastic feeder will fit directly into the front entrance of your hive. Designed to fit into the large opening of the entrance reducer on our Little Giant 10-Frame Complete Hive.
  • HIGH-PROTEIN - This high-protein pollen substitute supplies the lipids, minerals, antioxidants and B-complex vitamins to honeybees. A great tool for the hobby farmer or backyard beekeeper.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - The easy to clean base of the entrance feeder is made of high-impact plastic and the glass feed jar allows the keeper to see the feed levels without disturbing bees as they are producing honey, making this a great feeder for bee keeping.
  • IDEAL SIZE - The feeder measures: L 6.5” x W 4” x H 7.375”. The bucket measures L 10.5” x W 10.5” x H 7.5” The Bee-Pro comes in a 1 pound canister.