Beehive Inner Cover

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Beehive Inner Cover

$31.88 USD

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This Little Giant Inner Cover provides extra ventilation and fresh air to your hive, as well as an extra layer of insulation and protection when placed under an outer cover. And by adding this wooden vented Inner Cover to your 10-frame hive, it prevents your outer cover from being propolized and stuck to the hive body. Made from 1/2" plywood with tongue and groove framing. Fits on all Little Giant 10-frame Hives. Can be used with our Little Giant Bee Escape (both sold separately) to easily remove bees from supers at honey harvesting time.


  • Adds extra ventilation and reduces condensation in your hive
  • Keeps outer cover from sticking to the hive boxes
  • Adds an extra measure of insulation
  • Made of 1/2 plywood with tongue and groove framing
  • Hole in top correct size for use with Little Giant Bee Escape (sold separately)