10 Quart Heated Flat Back Bucket

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10 Quart Heated Flat Back Bucket


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Perfect for those who need a smaller flat back bucket. Holds a convenient 10 quarts (2.5 gallons). It's constructed of high-quality, resilient plastic to withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees F without cracking. Thermostatic control coupled with over-temperature protection ensures that it will keep water ice-free all winter. Great for dogs and similarly sized animals. Patented design features a bottom compartment to stow the cord during summer use. The 6-foot gounded cord with anti-chew protector exits from the bottom of the bucket to prevent chewing. Thermostatically controlled for efficient operation. 75 Watts, 120 Volts, 60 Hz. 6-foot anti-chew cord. CSA Listed. One year warranty.


  • Sturdy bale and flat back to hang flush against wall
  • Special resilient plastic to prevent cracking
  • Patented cord storage compartment
  • 6' anti-chew grounded cord
  • CSA Listed