What is "the Miller way"?

We make products for the people who get up at dawn to milk cows, who spend all day on horseback moving cattle. For those who work sunup to sundown to put food on the table for millions of families. We make products for those who find joy in tending to a small flock of chickens in their backyard. For those who think nothing tastes better than eggs from their own coop, or honey from their own hives. For those who believe that dogs really are man’s best friends.

Miller Manufacturing is proud to commemorate the “Hard Work Worth Doing” lifestyle and those who live it. We value taking pride in hard work, caring for the health and safety of animals, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and growing and raising our own food. We call it The Miller Way.

Our lifestyle is what connects our employees to our customers. At Miller’s Minnesota manufacturing facility, you’ll find a team of people who enjoy what they do, making quality products for the farm, ranch and pet markets.

what does "the miller way" do?
  • Create an environment of learning
  • Access to educational resources such as YouTube channel and videos, informational blog posts, links to external websites and resources.
  • Providing a space to engage and learn from one another.
  • Support engagement in the Miller Way lifestyle
  • Connect and be there to celebrate your successes.
  • Create a community around the Miller Way lifestyle
  • The Miller Way is something that connects us and helps build relationships and community. That’s why we’ve created a space to share your hobbies, passions, successes, ask for help and provide encouragement for those interested in getting into a new hobby.

We’ll be here to celebrate your successes, help you further develop your skills and knowledge, and give you a platform to share your passions and accomplishments.
We want to see you living life the Miller Way!

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