Small Animal

Elevate the care of your small animals with Pet Lodge's premium products. From convenient feeders and waterers to spacious rabbit cages and hutches, our collection offers top-notch solutions for their comfort and well-being. Provide them with the best care possible. Shop Pet Lodge now!

Cages & Hutches

Provide cozy homes for your furry friends with our small animal cages and hutches. Ideal for rabbits, these secure and comfortable enclosures ensure their well-being.

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Elevate your rabbit's dining experience with our selection of rabbit feeders. From easy-to-clean crocks to convenient gravity feeders, hay racks, and food funnels, ensure their nutrition and well-being with top-quality feeding solutions.

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Keep your rabbits hydrated with our rabbit waterers. Our range includes reliable plastic bottles, ensuring your furry friends always have access to fresh and clean water.

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Tools & Accessories

Browse cage cups, clips, mineral spools, and wire clippers to ensure comfort and convenience for your furry rabbit companions.

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