API® has remained a trusted name in heated products for over 65 years. With a wide variety of products spanning the agricultural, pet, wild bird, and pond markets, API® has the right product for all seasons.

Bird Bath & Pond

Discover API® water wigglers, heated bird baths and more to keep feathered friends happy and hydrated year-round. Ensure your aquatic ecosystem thrives, even in winter, with our pond de-icers!

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Keep your farm animals hydrated and healthy with our range of farm-friendly deicers. Ideal for ponds, buckets, bird baths, and more, our products ensure constant access to unfrozen water, even in the harshest winter conditions. Designed with durability and efficiency in mind, our deicers are essential for maintaining optimal conditions for your livestock and pets throughout the winter season.

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Heated Pet Products

Keep your beloved pets warm with our selection of heated pet products. From heated beds and mats to thermal bowls, our products provide comfort and warmth during chilly days and nights. Ensure your pets stay happy and content with our reliable heated solutions, designed to enhance their comfort and well-being year-round.

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