Why Keeping Backyard Chickens Is Important

You may have noticed a rise in the number of people you know adopting the hobby of backyard chickens. Whether it be the desire for nutritious eggs, sustainable living, or to have a hobby to relinquish boredom, adding chickens to your yard is important for a flock of reasons.

Sustainable Living

When people keep backyard chickens, they are helping reduce the environmental impact that factory farming creates. According to Chicago Botanic Garden, “Compared to a factory farm, backyard hens produce a fraction of the manure in a much smaller footprint. You can handle their waste properly, returning it to the environment in an eco-conscious manner.” Chickens also minimize waste as they will eat many of the kitchen scraps you don’t want to throw out. Softened fruit, vegetable peels, and other nuts or seeds make a great treat for your flock, minimize waste, and reduce landfill, thus adding to your sustainable living.

Nutritious Eggs

One of the main reasons that people choose to keep backyard chickens is to provide their family with farm fresh eggs! Not only will this provide food security, but it ensures that your eggs did not interfere with any chemicals, hormones, or unhealthy conditions. After all, what’s better than fresh and free eggs?


Backyard chickens provide hands-on learning experiences with endless educational lessons! Families have been adding a flock to their yard as a way to teach their kids where their food comes from, responsibility, and even the circle of life. Check out “Raising Chicks: 5 Lessons Kids Will Learn” for more lessons that the hobby of keeping backyard chickens teaches.

Pest Control

Did you know that chickens love chasing down and catching those pests that often destroy your garden? Chickens act as a natural pest-control and often enjoy insects such as ticks, mosquitoes, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and flies as a supplement to their diet. Not only will you not have to use those pesticides and chemicals that could affect your plants and the environment, but you will also have a happy and healthy flock.

Health Benefits

The health benefits from keeping chickens stretches further than just the readily available supply of nutritious, farm fresh eggs. With the responsibility and overall satisfaction of caring for chickens, some people notice a boost in their mood and mental health. The hobby also helps establishes a more active lifestyle as chicken keepers often spend more time working outside to keep their coop maintained or simply watching their feathered friends enjoy their day. People keep backyard chickens for many reasons, but they all contribute to the importance it has on individuals and the world. Have you taken on backyard chickens?

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