Why Buy American?

Buying American Made products has never been more talked about. During times of uncertainty, it is becoming more important for Americans to invest in and buy American-made products. Investing in products that are made in America benefits future business within our country along with ensuring your hard-earned money is going right back into America. Many people are wondering why they should Buy American. At Miller Manufacturing, we have been committed to keeping manufacturing right here in the United States for many of reasons.

Provides Jobs to Americans
Since 1941, Miller Manufacturing has employed countless Americans to manufacture products for the backyard hobbyists, homesteaders, and hobby farmers. Manufacturing in the USA helps guarantee employment for current and future generations. The more money that is invested into American-Made products, the more money will be cycled back into manufacturing and the local communities. It’s about keeping and creating jobs to allow our citizens to provide for themselves and their families.

Higher Labor Standards
Some foreign countries have no guarantee for their workers’ rights. U.S. manufacturing and employers have processes that are held to high labor standards which are enforced by both federal and state laws. When you Buy American, you are choosing to not contribute to unsafe working conditions in foreign countries.

Promotes American Independence
What better time to reclaim our Independence than now? We live in a nation that prides itself on independence. By importing foreign products, we are reliant on another country for their support and goods. When you buy American-Made products, you are contributing to the strengthening of our country’s independence and freedom.

Ensures Quality Products
The phrase "Made in the USA" communicates a sense of quality about the product. Buying imported goods gives you no guarantee if a product will be quality or built to last. American-Made products stand the test of time all while supporting our country.

Overall Supports our Country
In all, choosing to Buy American helps support our country and future business within America in a variety of ways. We hope that you will join Miller Manufacturing in taking part in encouraging everyone you know to… Buy American!