Weekly Roundup: All Abuzz

The Internet was abuzz with all things bees this week. Everyone is on the same page that it's the time to start getting prepped for Spring and your new (or expanding!) apiary. Thanks for the sweet rewards of great content this week, Internets. Our favorites include: We all now that there are an amazing number of things honey can help ease, solve, manage, or relieve. But, honey and coffee as a natural cough suppressant? According to a recent study published in the Primary Care Respiratory Journal, a mixture of honey and coffee reduced the frequency of a cough by 93%! Check out more about the findings here. Bees at your local fleet store: that's right, both Blain's Farm and Fleet and Mills Fleet Farm are selling LIVE packages of bees! Nothing easier than to swing by a local store to pre-order your bees for Spring installation. We're big fans of the Alaskan homesteading family, The Kilchers. Their show on Discovery channel, Alaska: The Last Frontier, featured two of the women of the homestead installing a bee package after a rough, cold winter for their existing colonies. Up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, we can sympathize with winter colony losses. It's always good to see beekeepers pick themselves up and try, try again! Courtesy of Ted-ed, Why do Bees Love Hexagons? Digging into the mystery behind some of science's best minds: the honeybees.
Slow-mo bees Bit of a crash landing at this hive entrance.