Weekly Roundup: Eggs are In

As a large portion of the country goes into a subzero February freeze deemed "The Siberian Express", hope for Spring seems a somewhat desperate leap. But, as Hal Borland was famously quoted, "No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." We'll choose to focus on that.
  • Chicken keepers, rejoice! As we egg-lovers have known all along, eggs aren't so bad for you, after all. According to the new dietary guidelines released by a government advisory committee, the cholesterol found in eggs is no longer the culprit for all that ails us.
  • Overwhelmed by your choice in chickens? Check out our guide on what to consider when picking a chicken breed. Chick Days events are in full swing, so it's time to do your research before you become enamored with the adorable peeping little ones at the local feed store.
  • Be responsible about Avian flu: Are you already a backyard poultry hobbyist? Biosecurity is a big deal, and Avian Flu is something to be aware and proactive about within your flock. Oregon's Department of Agriculture recently released this video to help guide people on what to do and where to go. Still need more info? Healthy Harry is a helpful little bird that the USDA has launched to help you maneuver everything you know to keep you, your flock, and other birds safe.