Weekly Roundup: Baaah.

With kidding and calving season kicking into high gear, we're starting to be inundated with baby animals. This does not make us upset. It does leave us cooing at our computer screens over adorable, tiny farm animals. It's a good thing that Chick Days are around the corner, as well. We don't want to forget about our feathered friends when all we can talk about is the year of the goat. Hoofed animals really are stealing the limelight this year. To Herd or Be Herded, that is the question: While this lamb is no longer a baby, it is still one of the most adorable things on the Internet this week. After being raised by the farm border collies, she now thinks she is one, and this is the greatness that ensues. Protecting our pollinators: While both hoofless and featherless, bees are still in the spotlight, as well. This week, Wildlife Watch presented this great pictorial on how to build a nest for bumblebees. While honey bees are great, protecting our native pollinators is key to solving this pollinator peril. When you thought the Puppy Bowl couldn't get any cuter: They added goats.
We didn't forget about you pups and chicks. You're adorable, too.