Summer Pet Safety

Header Summer Pet SafetyAccording to PETA, a dog can die of heat stroke in just 15 minutes. The good news, is that are plenty of ways to protect your pet from the dangers of overheating and dehydration with a few simple steps:
  • Never leave your dog in a hot car! Even a 75-degree day can easily reach 100+ degrees in a closed car.
  • Make sure your pooch has access to shade or a cool breeze (such as an indoor fan)
  • Provide access to water!
Pet Lodge® has dozens of products to help keep your pet hydrated. Whether you are out for a run with your pooch or lounging in the backyard on a sunsoaked July afternoon, the following products are great to keep your furry friend safe in warm conditions: Thirsty Dog Pet Sport Bottlethirsty-dog-pet is perfect for a walk or run! Lightweight, with an easy-to-use bowl attached to a sport water bottle for short travels.
ever-full-dogWhen you have access to a continuous water source, the Pet Lodge® Ever Full Dog Waterers ensure your dog has access to cool, fresh water on the spot.
3-gallon-travel-pal Adapted from our popular Little Giant® poultry waterer, this 3-Gallon Travel Pal allows you to monitor water level while the gravity feed keeps your pet hydrated.