Safe Travels with Your Pet This Summer

dog Summer has arrived, meaning traveling has started to increase, especially with your furry friend! Taking your pet traveling with you can be stressful at times, whether it’s in a car or on a plane, but there are safe and easy ways to make your traveling experience easier.
  • Car: When it comes to having your pet traveling with you in a car, the easiest and safest way is having your pet in a crate, which can vary in different sizes. Our Pet Lodge® crates are good for travel because they have two doors and are convenient for more compact spaces. Pet Lodge® also has pet beds fit for the size of crate, giving your pet more comfort. Having your pet in a crate instead of having your pet loose in the car is safer for your pet and less distracting to a driver.It is also important to keep the summer heat in mind while traveling in a car with a pet. As PETA warns, a pet can die from a heat-stroke in as little as 15 minutes if left in a hot car.
  • Plane: Traveling with a pet on a plane can be more difficult because there are many things you need to do before you leave, including having your pet vaccinated, making sure you meet the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations, and checking to see if pets are allowed on the airline you will be using for travel.
Once you have gone through these steps you need to check the airline’s pet carrier requirements for price and size . Be sure to choose a crate that is the correct size for your pet. Within a crate, most airlines require that two bowls (for food and water) are provided and there is enough space for your pet to sit down and to turn around. It is also required to have a label on the carriers and to not sedate or tranquilize your pet before a flight because of adverse effects of higher altitude. Not only do you need to plan ahead for the journey, but you also need to plan for what will happen after you arrive at the destination. If you will be staying at a hotel be sure it is pet -friendly. It is also important to make sure certain places you will be visiting on your trip (such as hiking trails and beaches) allow pets. And if outdoor fun is on the agenda, there are additional safety concerns to be considered. No matter what your ultimate destination, if you plan ahead, you can have a safe and pleasant trip with your pet!