The Right Breed of Rabbit for your Homestead

Pet-Lodge-Rabbit-Breeds Whether you're homesteading in a suburban backyard or on 40 acres in the country, raising rabbits on your land can be a great addition. While backyard poultry garners most of the media attention when people start talking about urban homesteading or getting back to the land, but raising rabbits offer an economical fertilizer and meet source with a small footprint. Hutches can be stacked vertically, collecting the nitrogen-rich droppings for fertilizer to use on plants. But, what type of rabbit is best for this setting? There are plenty to choose from! At around ten pounds, New Zealand White Rabbits are the most popular meat rabbit in the U.S. Known for their meat quality. Giant Chinchillas are another American favorite. With soft fur and weighing in at about 12 pounds, their fur is prized and their meat top-notch. Rex Rabbits are perfect for the homestead for both meat and fur. Coming in a wide variety of colors, Rexes weigh 8-10 pounds. Looking for a bigger rabbit? Flemish Giants live up to their name. Weighing up to 20 pounds, they're a good meat choice but do consume much more food to bulk up their size. With over 30 breeds to choose from, it can be tough to pick which breed is best for you. What breed have you had the most success with on your homestead?