Raising Meat Rabbits, Part 2: Accessories: Feeding and Watering

rabbitIn Part 1, we talked to you about the hutches required for homesteading consumers raising meat rabbits. However, the hutch is just the first of several pieces of equipment one will need for their new hobby. As with all animals on the homestead, rabbits need food, water, and shelter to thrive. With shelter taken care of, we can move to the large variety of feeders and waterers our Pet Lodge® brand offers the rabbit raising consumers. Since meat rabbits are usually raised outdoors, the products for meat rabbits should be durable and conducive to all seasons.
  • prod-1Rabbits are great in cold climates, and so is the API Heated Rabbit Bottle. Keeping water ice free, even in below-freezing temperatures, this is sure to keep the colony hydrated and healthy.
  • In the summer, our durable, weather-resistant, Weathertuff bottles hold up to a quart of water and can fit ice cubes through the extra-wide mouth on the other end of the temperature spectrum.
Pet Lodge® offers an extensive array of feeders: small and large, plastic and galvanized. All provide the same basic functions: keep food off the floor of the cage, clear of debris, and easy-to-fill.
  • prod-2Easily attaching to the inside of the rabbit hutch, the 5” Galvanized Feeder with sifter bottom keeps food dry and lets the powdery residue escape to keep animals safe from harmful molds. Gravity-fed design allows you to dispense several days of food for less maintenance.
  • For supplemental foods, like greens or treats, the Quick Lock Crocks also attach easily to hutches and are chew-resistant for even the nibbliest of rabbits.
Did you know there’s even more you need to know about what new colonies of meat rabbits require for healthy lives? Our final, part 3, installment will talk about those additional products. As always, for more information on raising rabbits for meat, visit our Pinterest page for a wide range of tips and tutorials!