Raising Meat Rabbits, Part 1: Cages and Hutches


With urban homesteading on an increasingly upward swing, alternative meat sources are a large part of the discussion. While backyard poultry is a common hobby for daily egg collection with some hobbyists raising the birds for meat, as well, a lesser-discussed but growing trend for Farm and Ranch consumers is raising rabbits for meat.

With less restrictions in many municipalities, raising rabbits can be a simple way for homesteading consumers to raise their own meat source with a much smaller footprint than poultry. Pet Lodge® small animal and rabbit products have everything your consumers need to get started raising rabbits.

While cage size recommendations vary from homesteader to homesteader, bucks can often be housed in smaller hutches, such as our AH2424 24”x24”x16” while does need more room, especially with kits in tow, such as the AH3036 30”x36”x16”.


Hutches can be purchased in both complete sets or our basic hutches can be used as the functional starting point in a variety of homemade structural alternatives: ranging from green-roofed buildings to modern architectural wonders.


For more information on raising rabbits for meat, visit our Pinterest page for a wide range of tips and tutorials! Part 2 will feature more information on all of the accessories for your newly constructed hutch!