Rainbow of Small Animal Products

small-animalWith a complete array of Rabbit and Small Animal products, the Pet Lodge® line of small animal care products provides a comprehensive planogram of colorful cups, cages, and accessories. While the attractive packaging makes for a cohesive statement as a store set, our products are just the beginning of the story for ferrets, rats, mice, and other small critters and pets. small-animal-2Did you know that small animals can actually see a varying range of colors? An end-cap display featuring brightly colored accessories will draw customers' attention, and can be paired with simple signage explaining to customer that your pocket pet CAN actually see color! According to Pet Business magazine, the range of colors pocket pets can see depends on the specific breed. Rats may see richer, brighter colors such as greens and blues, while ferrets may gravitate more to warmer tones like red or orange. Creating planogram sets that are designed to attract the customers’ attention will also be relevant to the pets. By telling this complete story, you can educate the consumer while also grabbing their attention to the products on the shelf. Check out our Pet Lodge® small animal POP and planogram set for additional tips for in-store merchandising of this vast product line!