Little Giant® Pre-Cut Rubber Utility Mats provide versatility and durability

Looking for the right flooring solution for your kennel, barn, house, or trailer? Our pre-cut utility mats come in four different widths and lengths to help you minimize seams and keep your pieces to a minimum for a large variety of projects. With a textured top for superior traction and a grooved bottom for drainage, our non-porous mats will not shrink, curl, or crumble. No matter the animal or vehicle that will be atop our utility floor mats, the non-porous surface will not harbor bacteria. Easy to clean, lift, and move, Little Giant® rubber mats provide the multi-use adaptability to serve a wide range of needs on your farm, vehicle, or property. Great add-on for customers already offering a variety of Miller products and looking for an addition to their store offering! With several different display options, the Little Giant® line of flooring can be the right solution for your store merchandising plan. mat2 mat1 Mat Specs
  • Weight: 7.32 kg/m2
  • Hardness: 65 Shore A Nominal
  • Density: 1350 kg/m3
  • Elongation: > = 180%
  • Shearing Strength: < .6 (N/mm3)
  • Temperature Stability: 30|70
  • Compression Recovery: After 22 hours, 75%
  • Tensile Strength: 400 PSI
  • Critical Radiant Flux: .11 watts/sq
  • Thermal Resistance: 150 ppi