October is Manufacturing Month

Held annually every October, National Manufacturing Month encourages manufacturers to connect and showcase the industry to highlight what modern manufacturing is all about. We are proud to be a part of an industry that is rapidly changing the world and continuously employing more Americans. Here's what manufacturing means to us.
Taking Pride
"The gratitude and feeling of accomplishment that comes from producing something with your own two hands is very satisfying," Dan Ferrise, CEO of Miller Manufacturing said. "Pursuing a career in manufacturing helps build the strength of manufacturing and our economy."
Embracing Growth
In 1941, Barney Miller created a revolutionary way to provide water for his chickens by developing the Little Giant® Poultry Fountain. We have continued to grow not only through acquiring more brands, but by expanding our locations and employing more people. “Miller has seen significant growth in the past 15 years," Ferrise said. "Within that time frame we went from 74 employees to well over 350 in our busy season. In January, we will add another 200 employees once we complete the merger with our new Anoka, MN plastic injection molding facility.”
Supporting Our Country
Today, if you stop by one of our Minnesota facilities, you will see a wide variety of products being produced and prepared for shipment all across the country. Whether it's our famous Little Giant® Plastic Buckets, our Pet Lodge® Chow Hound Pet Feeders, or our API® heated products, we are proud to say they are American-made. Since launching our Buy American movement, Miller Manufacturing is celebrating bringing back more than 100 foreign made products to be manufactured in the USA. "Consumers are realizing the benefits of buying US manufactured goods," Ferrise said. "Miller began bringing products back from overseas and it is serving us very well."
Joining a Team
As we continue growing, we encourage you to check out our career opportunities and learn more about working in manufacturing. "We are focused on providing a rich experience that pays well, offers great benefits and renewed investment in employee development," Ferrise said. "We prefer to promote from within and will help position our loyal staff for a long career providing the best value to the farm, ranch and pet industry. It’s work worth doing!"