Help control the mosquito population in your backyard naturally!

Mosquitoes are getting a lot of publicity these days; from everything to West Nile Virus to the scary new Zika virus, mosquitoes are at the heart of these public health issues. Mosquitoes can carry disease and viruses that are easily transmitted through their bites. And in addition to all that, they’re just plain annoying to deal with, between the swarming and the itchy bites, it’s enough to drive you inside on a beautiful summer evening. But you can help take a bite out of your local mosquito population the most natural way – by simply installing a bird bath in your yard. A bird bath offers a fresh supply of water to local birds and brings them to your backyard, where they can snack on some of those pesky skeeters. Birds like purple martins, some songbirds and swallows all eat mosquitoes. And having a bird bath in your yard makes for great bird-watching! We have a wide variety of baths to choose from in our API line, both in heated and unheated models, and some that mount to a deck rail for smaller spaces. But there's one more important step to take setting up a bird bath.


API Deck-mounted Bird Bath with Water Wiggler

Make sure you get an API Water Wiggler to add to your bird bath. It’s simple to install and it goes to work immediately, moving and rippling the water to attract birds and keep mosquitoes from laying eggs. Mosquitoes love standing water – it’s where they breed and lay their eggs. And oftentimes, bird baths are hot-spots for mosquito eggs because the water is allowed to get warm and stagnant, filling with rainwater, dirt and leaves, which is ideal for breeding. But by adding a Water Wiggler, the water is constantly moving which deters mosquitoes from laying eggs. Plus, the birds love it! The API Water Wigglers are easy to install, run on batteries or solar power, and will run 24/7 to keep bugs at bay, and the birds coming back for more. Check out our selection here. More birds and fewer mosquitoes means more time in the Great Outdoors!