National Farm Animals Day (April 10)

national farm animals day watercolor image

National Farm Animals Day is celebrated annually on April 10th. The day focuses attention on the humane care of farm animals. We commemorate this day because we value taking pride in hard work, caring for the health and safety of animals, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and growing and raising our own food. Farm animals provide us with the necessities we need and often take for granted. We are proud to manufacture the products for the people who get up at dawn to milk cows, who spend all day on horseback moving cattle. For those who find joy in tending to a small flock of chickens in their backyard. It’s hard work worth doing!

chickens eating food out of feeder, woman feeding hog, horse eating out of bucket, goat eating out of bucket

To commemorate this day, you can show your support by thanking those who care for the health and safety of their animals, raise awareness through social media, or show your support by sharing photos of yourselves doing the #hardworkworthdoing! To learn more about National Farm Animals Day including historical information and ways to observe this holiday, check out National Day.