Miller Manufacturing Engineering Team: Hatching Success

We are proud to announce that our Engineering team found success in hatching baby goslings using our Little Giant® series of incubators! Choosing the Little Giant® 11300 Deluxe Incubator with Egg Turner and some goose eggs, the team followed the instructions and procedures laid out on Miller’s website. This ensured an easy and accurate setup – even for someone incubating eggs for the first time. Little Giant 11300 Incubator Gosling Incubation “We used a secondary thermometer throughout the incubation process to double-check the temperature and humidity readings" Peter Baldwin said. We found the temperature to vary no more than a few degrees and the humidity stayed very constant with 3 of the water channels filled. This consistent environment led to a successful hatch even at the longer incubation period of 28 days required for the goose eggs.” Watch as one of the little goslings enters the world: Regardless of the longer incubation period, the team experienced a hatching success! They now have a pair of fuzzy companions to care for and watch grow.

Baby Duckling Hatch Duckling Incubator Hatch

“I can’t wait to try incubating more eggs with the Little Giant® incubator and I am confident we will have another successful hatch!” Peter exclaimed. For more information on our Little Giant® series of incubators, check out our Tips for Getting Started Guide.