Miller Manufacturing Customer Service Team: Setting the Bar High

Miller Manufacturing is proudly celebrating 80 years of US based manufacturing! We're excited to highlight one of the reasons for our success, our US based Customer Service team.

Our Customer Service Department is a prime example of putting the customer first and always making it right. Whether you call 800-260-0888 or email for a replacement part or need product assistance, you will be speaking to a kind and knowledgeable representative -- every time.

We love to hear the positive feedback on how our team continues to create “Wow Moments” which is 1 of the 26 Fundamentals Miller strives to achieve. Not only do they fully understand the products they are assisting with, but they provide above and beyond customer service to ensure that you can use your Miller products with ease.

Our team consists of six representatives whose time at Miller Manufacturing combines to be a total of 47 years! “The favorite part of my job is having a satisfied customer,” Shelly said. “When they thank you and are appreciative of your help, you know you gave it your all and now have a satisfied customer.”

They are experts in:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranties
  • Replacement parts
  • Product features and functions
  • Directing you to where to buy

What can you expect when calling in? “A courteous individual with knowledge of how the product functions or the ability to access the requested information from other departments,” Leslie said. “If we don’t know the answer, we will find it.”

If you were to walk into our customer service department, you would find an entire wall filled with Little Giant®, Hot-Shot®, Springer Magrath®, API®, Pet-Lodge®, and Double-Tuf® products that the representatives can use to provide hands on support remotely.

With Miller creating so many products, it can be a challenge to “understand and know all of the products” Jennifer explained. One way they work to make this possible is by continuously educating themselves.

Each month the team partners with Miller’s Quality Assurance and Engineering Department to learn and absorb product information so they can provide top-notch service to consumers calling in. “It helps us relate to the issues or concerns,” Molly said. “We are able to give them real information from our Engineering and Quality department. We are able to go and watch the products being made on the floor, but also we help work on the line when needed. We really get the feeling of how the product is made!”

Taking it a step further, they use the products to fully understand their function not just in the workplace but also at home. “I can't imagine farming without using our products” Cindy said. “Being a true believer in the Miller Manufacturing’s products makes my job easy!” They have even successfully hatched their own chicks with our Little Giant® incubators and chick products and took part in beekeeping with our Little Giant® hives and tools!

It is safe to say that you can feel confident when calling Miller Manufacturing’s Customer Service Team whether it is for a simple replacement part or a more complex product specific question. We are proud to have a team that continues to set the bar so high.

Have a product question or need assistance?

Please reach out to our customer service team via phone at 800-260-0888 or send an email to