Make Your Christmas Tree a Farm Animal’s Holiday Treat

The holidays are quickly approaching and before you know it, you will be tasked with getting rid of your holiday tree. Leave the guess work out of ridding your tree by turning it into a farm animal’s holiday treat! There are many good reasons to make this your new tradition.


Many people don’t know that farm animals including goats and chickens really enjoy the taste of the pine and it can be a nutritional supplement to them during winter when there is a lack of greenery. Pine needles provide small amounts of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and forage. They are packed with vitamin C and control worms in the animals. It is important to note that this should not replace the animals’ normal forage and feed, but act as a treat in moderation for them.


Not only will giving your tree to farm animals provide them with nutrition and take the burden off your hands, but it will also keep waste out of landfills where trees often go after the holidays to decompose. The livestock and poultry will love them and enjoy them for days.


Be sure to take all ornaments and tinsel off before recycling your tree. You should also ask the tree seller if they spray their trees with chemicals including: colorant, fire retardant spray, herbicides, or pesticides. If so, these trees should not be fed to farm animals as it will cause harm instead of benefits. Check out this video from @CowboyMax detailing the benefits for recycling your trees to goats:

You can feel good about starting the new tradition of turning your holiday tree into a source of nutrition and entertainment to farm animals this year. They will be utterly grateful! Do your farm animals enjoy holiday trees? Be sure to show us my tagging us on Twitter @MillerMfg