Introducing the Little Giant® Line of Digital Incubators

Digital IncubatorsUPDATE: Tips for Getting Started with Your Incubator The next generation of incubator technology is here! We are proud and excited to offer you the performance and electronics of high-end, expensive incubators at hobbyist price points. The Little Giant® 9300, 10300, and 11300 series of digital incubators includes a digital control board with one-touch temperature setting. This is vastly improved over previous designs that can be tricky to dial into the desired temperature. With predictive temperature technology, the unit then holds your set temperature within ONE degree! We have also focused on state-of-the-art safety features for both the hobbyist and the chicks. The redesigned plastic heater is much cooler to the touch than traditional metal heating elements (that can reach 265 degrees!). This makes all three units ideal for a classroom setting to teach future hobbyists the science of poultry incubation. We want your hatch to be safe and successful for all hobbyists. eggsThe fan’s electronics have also been redesigned for user safety, now allowing for a simple plug-and-play design to upgrade your 9300 to a circulated air unit. All three models include a dishwasher-safe plastic mesh screen for easy clean-up and improved sanitation of the unit for subsequent hatches. There are no sharp edges, removing the risk of poking the hatching hobbyist or scratching the newly hatched chicks. Overall, when you compare the new Little Giant® 9300 Still Air Incubator, 10300 Circulated Air, and 11300 Deluxe Incubator (with egg turner) to our competitors, you will find that this USA-made unit boasts the digital performance, safety features, and accuracy far surpassing that of others in our market. What are you waiting for? Let’s hatch some chicks!