Why Homestead?

The promise of the homestead life. The promise of the homestead life.
We talk a lot on the Miller Mfg blog about how Little Giant® and Pet Lodge® products can help achieve maximum efficiency on a farm or homestead. But, at the heart of it: why do we homestead at all? Is it Pinterest-fueled romantic visions of mason jars and farm tables and a rustic barnyard? Or, is there a yearning to meet hands with dirt? Below are a handful of motivations on why people choose to homestead: 1. Self-sufficiency: The pride and comfort in being able to fend for yourself, feed your family, and live off of the land. 2. Control over food sources: the knowledge of what is added to your soil, fed to your animals, and planted in the ground. From food safety to the humane treatment of animals: you control all aspects of your diet. 3. Financial security: from self-sufficiency comes financial security, as well. When times are tumultuous, your homestead is still there to support your lifestyle. 4. Environmental sustainability: As many people look for ways to help the environment, limit water usage, control their own food production, and manage all aspects of use and waste can have a significant impact on living sustainably. 5. Family culture: Whether you’re looking to share with your children how you grew up or to create a different lifestyle than you had, the homestead is a classroom in and of itself. Each homesteader has his or her own answer to this question, so we welcome your thoughts! Why do YOU homestead?