Growing Chicks: Now What?

Spring has sprung and before you know it, your baby chicks will be blooming into adult birds! The most important part in raising a flock is to have adequate access to food and water. Be prepared for when they need to upgrade to adult waterers and feeders. Little Giant® has a variety of options that will best suit their mature feeding and watering needs for when the time comes.


Did you know that chicken’s bodies contain 15% more water than humans? It goes without saying that providing easy access to clean water is ruled #1 in raising a healthy flock. On average, a full-grown laying hen will drink a pint of water daily. This will vary between the size of the hen, the season, and the outdoor temperature.


When it comes to feeding your feathery friends, it is important to find a feeder that works best for your flock’s size and feeding needs. Another peck-culiar fact... a hen needs roughly 4 pounds of chicken feed to produce 12 eggs! There are many materials, sizes, and styles to choose from when it comes to adult chicken waterers and feeders and at the end of the day it comes down to your personal preference. The most popular decision is usually what type of material to choose.

Plastic vs. Galvanized Steel

Many people choose plastic as their flock’s material of waterer and feeder because they are very easy to clean. The Little Giant® Plastic Dome Waterers and Feeders are best suited for adult birds and improve comfort and ease of eating by being raised off the ground. They are made of strong, heavy-duty plastic and feature a top-fill design for easy refilling. The plastic material is easy to clean and comes in many sizes to choose from depending on your flock size. Check out this video to learn more about these products: To see how you can assemble your waterer or feeder with ease, check out our assembly video: Galvanized Steel is another top material because of its durability. The Little Giant® Double Wall Metal Poultry Founts are heavy-duty standalone waterers that are constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and have rolled edges for safety. Multiple sizes are available. A key advantage of metal founts is the ability to use the fount in the winter with a heater base such as the Little Giant® Electric Water Heater Base. Check out this video to learn more about these poultry founts: The Little Giant® Hanging Feeders save floor space, reduce waste by eliminating scratching, and cut down on debris in the feed. They are also made of the heavy-gauge galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety and come in a variety of sizes. Check out this video to learn more about these hanging feeders: Be sure to check out our entire collection of poultry waterers and feeders and let us know how you are liking them!