Getting Started with Beekeeping

Starting a new hobby can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when they involve living bee-ings. Beekeeping is a hobby that creates sweet rewards right in the comfort of your backyard. Not knowing where to start? Follow these 5 initial steps and you’ll be a successful beekeeper in no time!


Before starting a new hobby, it is important to research and educate yourself on what is to come. A bee’s main source of food is flowers. They rely on them to get nectar and pollen which gives them the energy, protein, and fats they need to thrive. Check out this article for more information on creating the perfect environment for your new buzzing friends. You can also find online beekeeping guides that may be helpful to keep around as a reference. Be sure to download our FREE Little Giant® Guide to Beekeeping and Honey.


While researching, you will quickly find that there are necessary tools and equipment to purchase for beekeeping. Little Giant® carries an entire line with hives, tools, accessories, and clothing to keep you protected and your bees cared for. The Little Giant® 10-Frame Deluxe Beginner Hive Kit will set you up with everything you need to dive right in.

Little Giant® 10-Frame Deluxe Beginner Hive Kit

Find a beekeeping group

Next, finding a group or community that you can learn and grow with helps support you and your hive. Whether you are sharing ideas or seeking advice, local beekeeping associations can help you make the most out of your new hobby.

Pick your supplier

When it comes time to select your bee supplier, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Make sure your supplier is reputable. This is essential to creating a healthy hive in your climate. One way to ensure this is to connect with your local beekeeping association and ask for recommendations on whom they trust. Another consideration revolves around the timing of when you are wanting to start. If you have missed the window for ordering bees, your beekeeping association will be essential in starting your first hive. For more things to consider when picking a bee supplier, check out this article.

Keep your bees happy

Finally, when your hive is set up and the bees are buzzing, the work is not simply over. From keeping equipment clean to adding air flow, follow these 7 tips to keep your bees as happy and healthy as they can bee. Enjoy your new hobby with sweet rewards! Share your beehive with us by tagging us on Twitter @MillerMFG