Finding the Right Beekeeping Supplier

Hive tool and box There are many suppliers out in the market providing beekeeping supplies. So, why - as a retailer - should you choose Little Giant®?
  • Our partnership with our sister company Kelley Beekeeping lends us 90 years of experience in the industry!
  • Attractive 4-color packaging creates a cohesive look at retail
  • Freight consolidation with orders of other Miller products
  • Robust and respected distribution network in the Farm and Ranch market
  • Supplier consolidation eliminates the need to add a specific supplier for just one product line
  • Trained and knowledgeable customer service team prepared to assist with beekeeping product questions
  • Merchandising tools, including: planogram design, educational materials, and signage
The Little Giant® beekeeping product line consists of top-quality products that are compatible with a wide range of existing products on the market. The Langstroth-design hive and accessories will work for the new hobbyist beekeeper or be compatible with existing products that experienced beekeepers are already working with in their orchards, farms, or gardens. Our 10-frame unfinished pine hive has high-quality features not found on many of the other hives on the market, including: a screened bottom board and mite grid for pest management; metal frame rests for easier frame removal; and strong, interlocking box joints for a solid structure. Miller employees are committed to bee conservation and pollination efforts, and have studied with some of the United States’ leading bee experts at The University of Minnesota Bee Lab. Since taking the classes, we're beekeepers ourselves! Two working honeybee hives are installed on the land of our Glencoe, MN manufacturing facility to further study and learn from functioning beehives. Little Giant® understands the importance of bees, and is excited to enable others to enjoy the art and science of beekeeping with our beekeeping products.