Fall in Love With Spring Chicks

Looking for love this Valentine’s Day? Fall in love with spring chicks! Raising chicks is a perfect hobby that will bring you joy, endless learning, and eventually farm fresh eggs. It's not always going to be easy raising chicks, but it's hard work worth doing! Here’s why so many people are choosing to raise chicks in the springtime.

More variety of chicks available for purchase

You are more likely to have your top pick of chicks in the springtime as they are easier to hatch and raise in warmer weather rather than the winter. A lot of times the environment is too cold during the winter for hens to lay fertile eggs. It may also be too harsh for chicks to survive or remain healthy. Check out this post for more information on “How to Pick a Healthy Chick.”

Perfect for hatching and raising your own chicks

With more daylight and temperatures starting to warm up, spring is the perfect time if you plan to incubate and hatch your own chicks! Check out "Tips For Getting Started With Your Incubator" for more information. Chicks need heat to grow into healthy feathered friends, so you’ll still want to purchase a heat lamp so they can properly grow in their brooder. The transition from brooder to coop will be much smoother in the spring as they can avoid the climate shock that winter would bring. 

They can move outside as soon as they are fully feathered

Temperatures must be warm enough when it comes time to moving your grown chicks outside. If you are in a colder climate and choose autumn to raise chicks, you may not be able to transition your chicks when they are fully feathered. Springtime can ensure warmer weather and smoother transition.

You are more likely to get eggs the same year

If you start raising your chicks in the spring, you’ll usually get fresh eggs before their first year is over! Most chickens begin laying eggs between 4-8 months of age which likely means they will begin laying before the winter has begun. If you were to choose summer to raise chicks, they likely wouldn’t start laying eggs until the following spring. Whether you prefer to raise your baby chicks in the spring, summer, fall or winter, you’re sure to fall in love with this egg-citing hobby! Do you prefer raising chicks in the spring? Share photos of your flock by tagging us on Twitter @MillerMfg.