Did You Know? How to Properly Test Your API® Heated Products

Temperatures continue to drop and winter will be here before we know it! It's the perfect time to start preparing for the freezing weather ahead of us by stocking up on your API® heated products.

Did you know?

Our API® units are thermostatically controlled so they will not turn on until the ambient temperature drops to around 42°F. The best way to test your purchased products is to do so outside and when the temperature measures under 42°F. This will ensure your unit will more accurately test and perform. Also, if you remove your de-icer from the water, it will turn on and then shut off in about 60 seconds. It will then cycle on and off in this manner by itself. With our line containing a wide variety of products spanning the agricultural, pet, wild bird, and pond markets, API® has the right product for you for all seasons. Check out our full line here. Be sure to share your experience with API® Heated Products by tagging us on Twitter @MillerMfg.