Buy American Sweepstakes December, January and Grand Prize Winners Announced

As our Buy American Sweepstakes comes to a close, it’s time to announce December and January's Prize Pack winners along with the Grand Prize Winner!

Since October, the Buy American sweepstakes awarded three winners per month who have registered on the Miller Manufacturing website. Check out the October and November winners here. Winners have had a choice of two $100 Miller category prize packs and have been entered to win a grand prize $2,500 store credit to the Miller retailer of their choice!

We are excited to congratulate the following winners for the months of December and January!

December Winners:

Penny R. from Maryland will be awarded the Horse Pack and Pet Care Pack, Rebecca A. from Ohio will be awarded the Poultry Pack and Beekeeping Pack, and Bridget T. from Mississippi will be awarded two of the Pet Care Packs. Excellent choices!

January Winners:

Valerie M. from California and Michelle J. from Idaho will be awarded their prize picks of the Poultry Pack and Pet Care Pack and Deborah B. from Florida will be awarded her prize pick of two Pet Care Packs. Great choices!

Grand Prize Winner:

William F. from Mississippi is this Buy American Sweepstakes Grand Prize winner and will be awarded a $2,500 store credit to the Miller retailer of their choice! Congratulations!

A big thank you for those who have participated in our Buy American Sweepstakes! We had more than 50,000 registrations on our website exceeding our expectations but demonstrating the demand and passion in the farm, ranch and pet communities.

Watch our Buy American video below:

What did you think of this sweepstakes and what kind of future promotions would you like to see from us next?