Attracting Winter Birds

API-Birds-in-the-WinterFrom cardinals to chickadees, juncos to jays, the bright flutter of a songbird in your winter garden can bring light to the season of long nights and snowy days. While the bounty of summer can bring a wider variety or more easily attract the fancy feathers of song birds, the birds rely much more heavily on feeders during the less bountiful months of winter. By providing the birds life's necessities, you may just be rewarded. While diets differ for varying bird species, if you place different nuts and seeds in feeders of varying heights and sizes, you can appeal to a larger variety. Suets are great in winter, as they are widely appealing and provide additional energy to the birds. Other feeds include: sunflower, safflower, cracked corn, and nyjer seed. Fresh water is key for any animal, any time of year, and wild birds are no exception. By providing a source of fresh water, you should notice an uptick in the birds visiting your garden. Make sure to keep it open and unfrozen throughout the winter; a heated bird bath is a great way to keep birds hydrated and healthy. Heated Bird Bath If you don't already have protection from the elements for the birds, think about what you can plant next year in your yard or garden. Shrubs, evergreens, and native plants can provide shelter in between nibbles. What's your favorite bird to attract to your backyard in the winter? And if you're looking into getting into the rewarding hobby of bird watching, check out this great article: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Bird Watching.