American Manufacturing: A story of dedication

Forklift operation at Miller's Glencoe, MN facility. Forklift operation at Miller's Glencoe, MN facility.
Miller Manufacturing is a long-standing proponent of American Manufacturing. Every Miller employee is in the U.S., and we have manufactured and distributed products out of Minnesota since 1941. Over the years, financial factors have led to some components and some products being sourced offshore: a decision never made or taken lightly here by the entire Miller team. As manufacturing home and abroad continues to evolve, we, in turn, continue to evolve. This time, bringing back products to U.S. soil. Through reshoring efforts, Miller has returned a dozen products previously offshore-produced products to our facilities and American suppliers, bolstering our wide array of farm, ranch, and pet products. We are proud to be an American manufacturer, a Minnesota company, and a leader in the farm and ranch market. If you want to learn more about our reshoring efforts, and those of other Minnesota companies, check out the full article here at the Star Tribune.