Alternative Uses for Little Giant® Galvanized Tubs

place-to-nestWe all know how useful Little Giant® galvanized tubs are in the Farm and Ranch market, but did you also know that they have plenty of creative uses in and outside of our customers’ homes? Pinterest is full of ideas to repurpose varying sizes of our galvanized tubs around the yard, garden, and home. Here are great ideas to share with your consumers to ignite the creative spirit. A Place to Nest provides a detailed tutorial on turning a round galvanized tub into an outdoor coffee table. Little Giant offers a 15 gallon (GWT15) and 16.75 (GWT1675) gallon tub that would be great for a slightly smaller design. galv2Donkey and the Carrot highlights the photography and work of Heather Bullard, one of which is the adaptation of a smaller tub into a hanging planter. Rustic and beautiful, be sure to use wire weighted strong enough to handle the weight of the tub, soil, and plant. A smaller 4.25 gallon tub (GWT425) would be suitable for this project. These are great for outdoor spaces, but can a galvanized bucket really pull off being chic-enough to be inside the home? Killer B Design gives us a tutorial on just how to make that happen with her galvanized tub ottoman. Provides extra storage and a comfy place to rest up your feet after a long day of work on the farm. The larger sizes of Little Giant galvanized tubs would be the right match for this project: 15 gallon (GWT15) and 16.75 (GWT1675). Feel free to send ideas directly to to share with us you and your customers’ innovative uses of Miller product. galv3