52 Uses for your Little Giant® Bucket!

52-buckets1. Animal feed 2. Flip it over, and you have a drum 3. Hold all of your sunscreens, bug sprays, and summer outdoor necessities 4. Trash can 5. Wash your dog 6. Lawn games 7. Wash clothes 8. Catch a leak in the roof 9. Milk a cow 10. Coiled rope storage 11. Beer cooler 12. Make a big batch of homemade play putty! 13. Easter egg hunt 14. Gardening pail for all of your hand tools 15. Hang food in a tree away from bears 16. Pass the bucket for charity collections 17. Fill it with smaller buckets! 18. First aid kit 19. Container while pulling weeds 20. Make plaster 21. Recycle bin 22. Wash dishes 23. Build a sandcastle mansion! 24. Dig a moat for your sandcastle 25. Tadpole pond 26. Kindling 27. Water plants 28. Dog poo pickup (with the Pet Lodge® Easy Scoop!) 29. Use it as a guide to draw a circle 30. Start a water fight 31. Car wash kit 32. Grass seed 33. Pack a picnic! 34. Use as a helmet during an imaginary sword fight 35. Mix cement 36. Distribute compost 37. Kid’s outdoor ottoman 38. Hold your fish bait 39. Emergency toilet 40. Toy storage 41. Colorful planter 42. Slop for hogs 43. Egg collection from the coop (just in case you don’t have an egg basket!) 44. Gift “bucket” 45. Temporary terrarium 46. Add a pump and make a water fountain for your backyard pond 47. Bail out your leaking boat 48. Hold a drawing for a fabulous prize! 49. Mop bucket 50. Put out a campfire 51. Wash potatoes and other root crops 52. Collect clams