Prepping for your Spring Bees

It's almost time to order your bees! Whether you are a first-time beekeeper or seasoned BEEK, the Little Giant® line of beekeeping supplies will have your apiary up and running in no time. The Langstroth hive design is the standard in modern beekeeping, allowing established beekeepers to use our equipment with their existing hives. New to beekeeping? We have everything you need! At least 75% of the world's beekeepers are using Langstroth hives, and that number is even higher in North America. This means that our Langstroth hive and the woodenware products are not only great for beginning beekeepers, but also compatible with the equipment existing beekeepers are already using. The Langstroth hive was designed with the modern beekeeper in mind. The screened bottom board and mite grid allows for superior pest management, while the Langstroth design is ideal for honey harvesting and extraction. And, of course, nature reaps the benefits of a healthy, thriving hive of pollinators. Whether your bees are already on order or you're just starting to explore the possibilities of becoming your next neighborhood beekeeper, check out this video on how to get started and help ease our pollinator peril. The design of the Little Giant® hive has been proven for generations to aid in pest management, honey harvesting, all while bolstering pollinator health and populations.