Best of 2014

Happy-New-Year-Miller It's been a good year. Miller kicked off 2014 with the exciting acquisition of Allied Precision Industries, a leader in electrical and heated products for the Farm, Ranch and Pet market. Integrating the line into the Miller portfolio was a great fit: meeting a demand that customers and consumers had been looking to Miller for already. From the Heated Poultry Fount to the broad line of de-icers, we have been excited and invigorated to learn about these products and sell them into our distribution channel. Fast forward to warmer months of the year, and our partnership with Kelley Beekeeping was flourishing as we introduced a line of beekeeping supplies to the retail market. Then, on August 22nd, 2014, Frandsen Corporation entered into a purchase agreement with Kelley, further strengthening the already great relationship we had forged with the folks in Kentucky. Together, we have continued to educate customers and consumers on the importance of bolstering pollinator health and the simplicity and art of backyard beekeeping. Most recently, just this past month, our manufacturing facility unveiled a nearly 100,000 square foot addition to the distribution center of our Glencoe, MN campus. Part of a multi-phase expansion plan that has happened over the last several years, the opening of this addition has been integral to meeting customer demand, improving efficiency, and continuing to provide superior customer service to our customers and distributors. It's been a good year. Maybe that's an understatement. It's been an exciting year. A great year. A year that could not have happened without the tremendous support of the dedicated staff at Miller Manufacturing, the loyalty of our amazing customers, and the adventurous spirit of homesteaders across the country. Thank you. Happy New Year. Here's to more adventures and more achievements in 2015.