Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

Backyard birdwatching can be very relaxing and with the right resources, you can attract more birds to your yard! Follow these 5 steps to create a space that will welcome some new feathered friends.

Provide Multiple Feeders

Start by providing multiple bird feeders and stock them with food that appeals to the species that you want to attract. You can purchase bird feeders that are more attractive to the species that you are interested in having visit. Check out this complete list on what foods to feed the birds you are looking forward to watching. Make sure to regularly clean feeders to prevent harmful bacteria.

Provide Bird Baths

API® 650 Deck-Mounted Heated Bird Bath
Along with keeping birdfeeders fresh and full, one of the most important attractions birds need is a clean and inviting water source. By installing a bird bath, you are offering a fresh supply of water to local birds inviting them to your backyard for a stay. This will help them keep them hydrated and their feathers clean. There’s a variety of heated bird baths to choose from in our API® line suiting your birds’ year-round needs.

Keep Your Water Moving

API® 7WW Aurora Water Wiggler®
Make sure to pair your bird bath with an API® Water Wiggler® to catch their attention. These feature a unique agitator action that creates continuous ripples. Movement not only helps attract your feathery friends, but also helps prevent mosquitos from breeding in the water. These are easy to install, completely silent, and will run 24/7 to keep bugs away and the birds wanting to stay. Check out our full line of API® Water Wigglers®.

Grow Native Plants

You can attract your local birds by planting the species of plants including trees, shrubs, and flowers that they are most familiar with. This will provide them with a rich food source and appropriate shelter making them feel right at home. Native plants tend to have bright colors which birds are very drawn to. Find out what plants you should consider growing that are native to your area.

Create Shelter

Along with planting trees that can provide shelter during harsher weather, creating a place for birds to nest will make your backyard a complete bird-friendly haven. Nesting boxes (or birdhouses) will give them a place to build a nest and lay their eggs with protection. With these 5 steps, you will be attracting a whole array of new birds to your backyard in no time! Share your backyard birdwatching with us by tagging us on Twitter @MillerMfg.